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update your kitchen

Sell the house or update your kitchen? If that’s a question that you’ve been asking, it might be time to give us a call. We have a passion for making kitchens look beautiful.

At Dwell Custom Cabinetry, we have a top-notch team of designer craftsmen who have many inspiring projects to share. Check out our website to see some of our work. Then start to envision how your kitchen might look with just few new touches. Or with a complete custom redo.

Our team can help you update your kitchen with custom cabinets and unique built-ins. For time and budget saving options, there are also other things you can consider adding to your kitchen.

  • New paint. If your kitchen has become a bit dingy over time, brighten it up with a sunny yellow or Tuscan red. For a more dramatic look, try greys or dark blues.
  • Another eye-catching enhancement is a sink or stovetop backsplash. Instead of a plain white wall, let your personality shine through with a backsplash that can range from traditional to contemporary.
  • Plastic fruit in glass jars or baskets. Adding inexpensive decorations can add character and fun to your kitchen. Of course you can always use real fruit but unlike real, plastic never goes bad.
  • If you have an existing floor that is not yet ready for a redo, scatter rugs are accents that can pull a room together by creating a cozy space. Neutral colors work best.
  • New light fixtures can be a quick fix that will lighten up a room and bring it current in its design.

Of course we’d love to help you update your kitchen with a complete custom remodel.  But if you’re not ready for a larger project, a few smaller changes might do the trick. It doesn’t matter if they are simple or extravagant.  With just a few enhancements, you can fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

If you’re interested in seeing how you can bring your kitchen to life, give us a call today. Our passion for custom design will extend into your home. And with an updated custom kitchen, you may just decide you want to keep it after all.