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Small Kitchen Spaces | Maximize Yours!

small kitchen spaces

Small kitchen spaces can be challenging enough to move around and cook in – never mind trying to figure out where you will put your pots and pans and coffee mug collection. Storage space is essential and counter tops are easily filled. Making the most of your cabinets, drawers and pantry space can be a challenge. However, our design professionals at Dwell Custom Cabinetry have the following ideas for small kitchen spaces that will help you envision new possibilities:

  • A custom-designed spice rack that is built into the wall or your cabinetry.
  • A pullout option for your hanging pots and pans.
  • Cabinets that span from counter to ceiling can maximize small kitchen spaces.
  • Adjustable shelving can make for flexible storage options that change with your needs.
  • Add antique mirrored glass on select cabinet doors for an elegant touch and the illusion of more space.
  • Install smart cabinets with slide-out drawers.
  • Include some open shelving to open up wall space.
  • Utilize odd corners and nooks for extra creative storage space.
  • Expand your kitchen by borrowing some real estate from an adjoining room.
  • Knocking out an exterior wall and using space from your yard.

If you want more small kitchen ideas, Pinterest, HGTV, Property Brothers and magazines like House Beautiful, and Kitchen and Bath Ideas can be good sources of inspiration. Also, don’t forget to look for creative ideas in restaurants, bars, and your friend’s homes, too.

Good kitchen cabinet design requires simplicity and convenience. Trying to do too much in small kitchen spaces will achieve the opposite effect. At Dwell, we can make sure your kitchen space updates flow with the look of your adjoining rooms. Working together, we can incorporate your dreams with our know-how to  expand your kitchen capabilities and make it beautifully efficient, too. Contact us today. We make small kitchen spaces grand places to be!