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Sliding Barn Doors

residential barn doors

Have you ever looked at traditional sliding barn doors and wondered how you could add them to your home? Or maybe you grew up in a rural area and barns were part of your everyday landscape, and you miss them? Whatever the reason, incorporating sliding barn doors into home décor is a decoration trend that’s sweeping many parts of the country. If you haven’t seen how unique and beautiful sliding barn doors can look in your home, check them out online. Sites like Pinterest are a great resource to see how people are adding this nostalgic touch to their homes.  Or, you can visit our designers at Dwell Custom Cabinetry to see how you might be able to incorporate sliding barn doors as part of your functional home decor.

The image many of us have when we think of sliding barn doors is of an old red and white barn, with plenty of rustic charm. While our craftsmen can certainly bring the rustic look into your home with custom doors made from reclaimed wood and distressed exteriors, we can also craft sliding barn doors that are elegant and sophisticated. Made from exotic wood and adorned with high-end hardware and paint, some sliding barn doors can bring the most modern look into your home.

In addition to the inside of your home, sliding barn doors can add a touch of charm to the outside of your home, as well. Similar to fixed shutters on either side of a window, sliding barn doors can be crafted to provide a unique and polished look to your home’s exterior. However you envision adding sliding barn doors to your home, we can bring your dream to life. And we can share some of our creative ideas as well.

At Dwell Custom Cabinetry, our skilled craftsmen can custom design sliding barn doors to fit your home. It doesn’t matter if you want a dramatic touch with double sliding barn doors leading into an office, or a single door to a bedroom or bathroom. You may even want the doors on the exterior of your home. No matter the location, we can create the most beautiful sliding barn doors to fit any décor, from Shabby Chic to modern and beyond.