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Sliding Barn Door for Arizona Homes

residential barn doors

Adding a sliding barn door is an exciting new trend in home décor. If you haven’t seen pictures of how a sliding barn door can look in various settings, there are many online resources that can help. Sites such as Pinterest have many examples of how people are having fun with this new trend. Or give us a call and we can show you some of the work that we’ve done with sliding barn doors (see photo on this page for one example).

You might wonder how a sliding barn door would fit into an Arizona home. With large openings into room such as offices, dens and bathrooms, Arizona homes are actually perfect for these fun doors. Add in the wood, paint and hardware used, and sliding barn doors can fit into any décor.

When we make sliding barn doors, we can use reclaimed wood or we can make a custom door out of new wood. Reclaimed wood provides a more authentic, weathered look, while a custom sliding barn door can be used for a more contemporary look. Sliding barn doors can be made from a variety of wood and use various hardware. Hardware is a very important part of the door. The type of hardware used can dramatically change the way the door fits with a room’s décor.

From casual and comfortable to modern and chic, a sliding barn door is more than a conversation piece, it’s functional. Barn doors are great for a home because they slide closed versus regular doors that open and close. This gives you more floor space and can act as a piece of art in the room it’s in. Some people may not even know it’s a functional door until you close it.

If you’re interested in learning more about barn doors give us a call. We’ll show you examples of how adding a sliding barn door can elevate the look of your home.