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Should Custom Cabinets Scottsdale Be Lined?

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Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodeling and redecorating your current abode, before you put the dishes in the kitchen, you have to ask yourself: Should I line my custom cabinets Scottsdale? On one hand, it protects the insides of the cabinets; on the other, it can detract from the look. Is there a happy medium?

Pros: Protecting Custom Cabinets Scottsdale

There are many cabinet liners you can purchase to protect the insides of your custom cabinets Scottsdale. Thankfully, it’s no longer 1982, and Con-Tact paper isn’t the only game in town. In fact, you can find reusable rubber-like liners that can be trimmed to the right size. These reusable liners are simply placed inside the cabinet, not stuck. You can find them in clear, which is perhaps your best choice when you want your cabinets to be the star of the kitchen.

Another plus of lining your custom cabinets Scottsdale is easy cleanup. Whether dry or liquid food spills inside the cabinet shelf, it can be easily wiped off the liner without worry of stains.

Cons: Detracting from Custom Cabinets Scottsdale

Although it’s not the early ‘80s, you can still purchase gaudy-colored Con-Tact paper that requires an X-Acto knife and octopus arms to get it installed. This paper is challenging to put in and nearly impossible to remove. And with a sharp knife in the back corner of a cabinet, who’s to say you won’t stab into the gorgeous wood or even your finger?

Also, since this paper is challenging to remove, when you choose to sell, your kitchen might turn off potential buyers. Often, a wonderful kitchen is a big selling point, but half-removed shelf liners could reduce the impact of your custom cabinets Scottsdale.

What’s Your Choice?

At the end of the day, the choice is yours on whether or not you’ll install cabinet liners. Just be sure you’re debating the question about the right custom cabinets Scottsdale. Contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry to learn more.