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Scottsdale Cabinet Makers | Laundry Rooms

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At Dwell, our experienced and talented craftsman are among the best Scottsdale cabinet makers in our state. If you’re redoing an existing laundry room or creating a new one, there is no better team to help you turn what can be considered a chore into a pleasure.

If you haven’t planned your new laundry room yet, there are a few things to consider to make your life easier. The first is counter space. Once laundry is done, it’s great to have a spot to fold clothes before putting them away. Next, just like in an office, the more extra “shelving” or cabinet space you have the better. Take inventory of the items you currently use and identify what might need special space. You may want cabinet space to put items such as your ironing board and iron, laundry soap and clothes baskets.

If you have children or pets or both, a laundry room tends to become a catch-all for everything from mittens to boots to leashes and toys. Visionary Scottsdale cabinet makers, like those on our team, can help you think of the small design elements that pack a powerful organizational punch. Cabinets with hooks, padded benches (that open) and slots… all tricks of the decorating trade that make your life less stressful and keep your laundry room looking beautiful.

If you’re adding cabinetry, it’s good to include any exposed plumbing or fixtures in the room. Hiding them with cabinets will help create a finished, tidy space and organized look.

While we can’t promise that your new room will have the entire family joining in the laundry fun, we can promise you’ll have a stunning space in which to wash and dry your clothes. Give us a call at Dwell today. Our Scottsdale cabinet makers will help you create the organized laundry room of your dreams.