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Scottsdale Barn Doors | Unique Touches

residential barn doors

When it comes to decorating a new home, you have many choices for creating a unique look that feels like home to you and is just as inviting to your guests. One option that you may not have considered is adding Scottsdale barn doors to your entryways. Whether for a formal, casual, or modern look, barn doors can add just that touch your décor needs.

Adding Unique Touches

Did you know that Scottsdale barn doors can be made from a variety of wood materials? A light-grain wood, such as oak, is perfect for a country look; cherry or mahogany fit seamlessly in a formal room; and painted woods are great when your décor is contemporary. When add Scottsdale barn doors to complement your design, you can really get creative. And what about windows? Yep, these broad portals are wide enough to add everything from peepholes to large cutout windows.

In addition to the doors themselves, there are the frames on which they hang. Coordinate colors of doors and hardware or add decorative top mounts to draw attention upward. If rustic is your goal, string vines and flowers across the top. A Scottsdale barn door to the back patio could even be strewn with small white lights to add a little romance.

Perfect Places for Scottsdale Barn Doors

You don’t need a million-dollar home to make Scottsdale barn doors work for you. Since they don’t require swinging out, these doors are perfect in small places with no clearance. All you need is enough wall space to hang the door when it’s open.  How about hanging a barn door in your master en suite for some added privacy? Or a double-sized barn door between the kitchen and dining area? The ideas are limitless; all you need is a bit of imagination.

When you’re ready to amplify your home’s décor, consider adding Scottsdale barn doors. You may be surprised at how beautiful and functional they are. Contact us at Dwell Custom Cabinetry for more information.