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Residential Barn Doors = Perfect Design

residential barn doors

If you own or are planning to purchase a custom home, it deserves some complementary custom touches. Something you may not have considered, but which could enhance the whole design, are residential barn doors. Used for much more than country barns, these unique entryways provide a whole new twist on design that will transform your custom home into a work of art.

Why Residential Barn Doors Make Good Sense

First off, these distinctive wooden doors make a statement. Typically, they slide back across the wall when opened, creating a visual focal point regardless whether they’re open or closed. In addition to the pure aesthetics, residential barn doors are solid and sturdy. They can be used to set off any room, but they seem to really shine in open floor plans such as studios, as entries into a home theater, or as nostalgic garage doors.

Much like pocket doors, residential barn doors are excellent space savers. Instead of opening out, they roll along the wall. You can use just one for a smaller entryway or pair two together to increase the drama factor. And since they’re created from high-quality wood, the doors can be stained or painted to match your décor. Imagine the compliments you’ll receive when visitors walk through these massive beauties into your great room at your next party!

Solid Construction Makes a Difference

Going for an antique design? You could choose reclaimed residential barn doors or wood from actual barns. If modern is more your style, choose custom-designed doors. Good-quality doors are built with similar construction to standard doors. The door hangs on a roller, which is affixed to a mounting board above the door. The board extends along the adjoining wall equal to the length of the door, so it can be completely pulled out of the way. Decorate the door or board with vines and flowers to complete your country-inspired look.

Questions about how residential barn doors can fit into your home design? Just contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry for more information.