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Residential Barn Doors | Je Ne Sais Quois

residential barn doors

Residential barn doors add a certain je ne sais quois to the décor of any home. What exactly do we mean? Well, this French expression roughly translates to (according to Merriam Webster) “a pleasant quality that is hard to describe.” In this case, it’s actually more of a feeling that words can hardly express. Here’s our own translation:

Just imagine how it might be in your own home to have residential barn doors that are beyond words. As you walk into any given room, they can have an immediate impact as a striking focal point that takes your breath away. Let’s tour a few rooms to see how residential barns doors can add something both special and functional…

In Your Family Room: Step aside fireplace, there is a new focal point in the Family Room. Residential barn doors are perfect for this well-used room, even if you have an open concept floor plan. Let’s say, for example, you have a den or an office that is connected to your family room. With a barn door that slides across the wall, you can close off that room if you need to have some quiet while you’re doing work at your computer. When the door is used to close off your office, you still have its beauty to accent your family room living space.

In Your Dining Room: When you’re hosting a dinner party, it often happens that everyone ends up in the kitchen. But, if you have an attractive sliding barn door to separate the two spaces, your guests will likely be admiring its wood finish and not the pots and pans you may have scattered all over your counter space.

In Your Master Bedroom: Typically, the focal point of this room is the bed because it is the largest piece of furniture in it. But with a barn door that leads to the closet, the attention shifts to this unique and functional part of the room. You can also use residential barn doors to close off an open archway leading to the Master Bathroom. This provides for additional privacy, allowing one person the opportunity to sleep peacefully while the other is busy getting ready for work.

In Your Man Cave: We recently blogged about the concept of Man Caves. But we didn’t talk about how residential barn doors can help the man of the house put his own stamp on his own personal space. For example, if you’re going for a rustic look, there is no question that a sliding barn door will fit right in. Going for a game room or pub-type feel? Well, you get the idea.

Residential barn doors can be made from a variety of woods and adorned with a number of hardware styles. You can paint them, and you can decorate them. They are definitely not just for barns anymore!

At Dwell Custom Cabinetry, we believe that residential barn doors can really create a wow factor for any room in your home. Whether your style is contemporary, Southwestern, French country, or anything else for that matter, residential barn doors can really make a distinctive statement.

Contact us today to learn how we can add residential barn doors to your living spaces. When you see how they add to the appeal of your home, you may just experience that certain feeling of je ne sais quois!