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Paradise Valley Kitchen Cabinets: Perfect for Summer

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Now that summer’s here in the Valley of the Sun and the kids are home from school, most families are spending time in the cool A/C or in their pools. This is a perfect time to create some yummy summer treats in the kitchen with the kids, and Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets are the perfect backdrop for your culinary creations.

Easy Popsicles

If you have a popsicle mold — or just some Dixie cups and craft sticks — you can easily prepare delicious frozen treats. Get the kids together around your kitchen island and start pulling ingredients from your Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets: milk, yogurt, fresh or frozen fruits, chocolate, and even small candies. You can put pudding or flavored gelatin into your mold for the easiest option, or make your own creations. A thick smoothie quickly becomes a cool, frozen delicacy after a few hours in the freezer. Experiment and have fun.

No-bake Delights

During the hot summer, we don’t typically want to turn on the oven for much. So don’t. What kid doesn’t love to make Rice Krispies treats? You likely have most of the basic ingredients in your Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets: crispy rice cereal, butter, and marshmallows (or fluff / crème). But don’t just stop there! You can add M&Ms or other small candies to the mix, as well as peanut butter or chocolate chips. And marshmallows can be substituted with caramels for an interesting twist. Let the kids give you some fresh ideas.

Backyard Campfire

Do you have Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets in your outdoor kitchen? While taking a rest from swimming, as the sun starts to set, grab your marshmallows and sticks and start roasting. Kids love s’mores, and they’re easy to make. Try them with peanut butter cups instead of chocolate bars for a little kick.

Paradise Valley Kitchen Cabinets Are All You Need

With enough storage options, you’ll have an endless supply of inspiration for creating some fun with the kids in the kitchen this summer. And if you’re ready for an upgrade, contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry for a consultation on the best way to improve the heart of your home.