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Paradise Valley Kitchen Cabinets | Organization

Paradise Valley Kitchen cabinets

Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets are the perfect way to enhance the look of your kitchen and your home. With your choice of wood, fixtures, layout, and style, your Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets can create a lasting appeal for many years to come.

But as beautiful as they are on the outside, Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets may not have the functionality you need if you haven’t organized things on the inside. Of course, the potential is absolutely there. But, if you’re the kind of cook who hates hunting for lids and measuring cups, there is no question that organization is the final piece in ensuring that you have an efficient kitchen that you will love.

Here are some strategies for the perfectly organized kitchen:

  1. Keep essentials within easy reach. If you want to save time, reserve a space around the stove and sink for things like cutting boards and knives. You will also want to put ingredients like spices and often-used tools near to where you will typically use them. For example, keeping sugar and flour near your stand mixer is not only convenient, but it alleviates the possibility of spills that are time-consuming to clean.
  2. Take advantage of under-cabinet space. Lighting under your cabinets, for instance, can help keep things easier to see. Using a battery-operated lighting strip will eliminate the need for unnecessary and unsightly cords dangling in your kitchen space. As well, an under-the-shelf cookbook holder that pulls down when you need it is not only useful, but makes your recipes easier to read.
  3. Use baskets and other organizing shelving inside your cabinets. There are plenty of ideas at kitchen and organization specialty shops for making things neat and accessible inside your cabinets. Using baskets for such things as folded dishtowels or plastic lids is just one example. You can also use shelving designed specifically for spices and canned goods.
  4. Don’t waste wall space. You can hang racks or pegs for cooking/serving utensils and other items that need to be easily reached.  Open shelving can also be a nice touch to display cookbooks, pitchers, dishes etc.
  5. Install hidden trash and recycling bins. You can make things easier for your entire family to sort and recycle trash by labeling bins and keeping them in a lower cabinet with pull out capability. This way, even your littlest family member can be environmentally friendly.


These are just a few ideas that you can use when organizing your amazing new Paradise Valley kitchen cabinets. Contact us at Dwell Custom Cabinetry for even more suggestions on how you can have the gourmet kitchen you’ve always wanted!