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Kitchen Remodel Paradise Valley | Colors and Trends

kitchen remodel Paradise Valley

Summer is often the time when homeowners look to make updates around the house. The kids are out of school, work slows down, and you have extra time on your hands. When you’re considering a kitchen upgrade, it’s always good to look at current trends and colors to make sure you are up with what’s hot.

Colors That Pop

No matter what color you like most, this is the year to bring it home. The best way to make your favorite color pop is to highlight it on a neutral background. Paint is an easy way to bring colors to life at home. Try an accent color above the sink, a vibrant backsplash, or bright-colored cabinets in your kitchen remodel Paradise Valley.

If you want to be more daring, replace your basic dining room chairs or barstools with their colorful cousins. Blue, purple, and gray are very popular this year, as are metal accessories. You can add more life to your kitchen with decorations on top of cabinets in a high-ceiling area or a gorgeous framed print in the dining area.

Even if a bold color like blue or purple isn’t your speed, you can coordinate with varying shades of a neutral. For instance, with walnut cabinets as your kitchen remodel Paradise Valley backdrop, you can accent them with shades of beige and brown on the floors, countertops, and walls. The same idea works wonderfully well with whites and grays, both of which are a perfect way to add brightness and light.

Exciting Kitchen Remodel Paradise Valley Trends

When it comes to getting kitchen remodel Paradise Valley ideas, the classics seem to remain trendy. Wooden cabinets, open floor plans, metal accents, white or colorful cabinets, and brushed metals are all on trend for 2015. No matter what style you choose for your kitchen remodel Paradise Valley, it starts with the cabinetry. Contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry to explore your options.