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Kitchen Cabinet Design | Storage

kitchen cabinet design

If your current kitchen cabinet design doesn’t give you enough storage space, give us a call at Dwell Custom Cabinetry. Our talented design team can help you create storage space in areas you never thought you could. It’s amazing the things you can do with kitchen cabinet design these days!

You might need a pull out drawer for your Kitchen Aid mixer or a specially-sized cabinet for your over-sized juicer. We can create large storage areas or custom and unique locations for specific items. Maybe you want a custom-designed spice rack or a pull-out for your hanging pots and pans. Whatever the need, our team of designers will find the perfect solution.

Whether you’re ready to redo your entire kitchen cabinet design or just add to the kitchen that you already  love, our team can create a complementary wood design or we can start fresh with all new cabinets. We work with a variety of wood such as cherry, walnut, oak and maple. The right wood will help make your kitchen stand out for what it is…the heart of your home. And we have a variety of kitchen cabinet design samples we can share with you to help inspire your imagination.

Once you have your custom kitchen design in place, you can organize your cabinets with just a few tools. For example, using a wire or acrylic shelving system in your pantry and larger cabinets will expand a single shelf to a double shelf. This will allow you to store even more kitchen and food items. Another tip is to use stackable storage containers. There are a number of styles on the market that will help you create the most organized pantry in the neighborhood.

If you’re tired of stacking and packing your kitchen cabinets and drawers, call us. We have a passion for creating unique, custom designs. Even when it comes to storage. We’ll help you create the perfect kitchen cabinet design, giving you the extra storage space you need.