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Interior Barn Doors as Home Decor

custom barn door

When you add interior barn doors to your home’s décor you will be adding a unique and eye-catching conversation piece that will liven up any room.   Interior barn doors have become all the rage in interior design because they complement the design of almost any home decorating style.  Just ask any in-the-know interior designer. There are numerous online resources that provide a glimpse at this growing area of design. Pinterest showcases many examples of types of barn doors and the rooms their being used in.

We’ve listed a couple of types of interior barn doors below. But you’ll find there are numerous approaches you can take.

  1. You can use original barn doors that are collected by the designer or the craftsmen. These are typically more rustic in nature and weathered from their outdoor environment. If you have a home that is decorated in Shabby Chic or French Country, these doors would work perfectly.
  2. You can also work with skilled craftsmen, like our designers at Dwell Custom Cabinetry, to create custom interior barn doors. They are created using the traditional concept of barn doors but are made from new wood. These doors are typically more elegant in nature, with high-end hardware and finishes. These doors can fit into more modern contemporary homes, as well as more traditional.

As state, one of the great aspects of interior barn doors is their ability to fit into almost any décor. Whether you go for the rustic, reclaimed wood look or a more polished and sleek design, interior barn doors just look good anywhere. Because they hang from rods that are hinged to the wall, they are almost like a piece of art. Until you need to close the door, then you simply slide it closed. This reduces the space needed by traditional doors that have to swing open. You can also combine two barn doors and create a dramatic entrance to a home office or dining room. Your interior barn doors will be the source of many conversations in your home.

We are very excited to add interior barn doors to our custom crafted wood designs. It’s an exciting and fresh approach to a long-standing concept. We’d love to meet with you to see how we can add this creative look into your home.