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Entertainment Centers Bring Summer TV to Life

entertainment centers

There used to be a time when summer meant 2–3 months of reruns on TV. But that’s no longer the case. Although your regular favorites may be on hiatus May through September, there are still plenty of options for watching some good TV this summer. And custom-designed entertainment centers from Dwell Custom Cabinetry are the perfect hub in your house around which to gather for some fun.

Network TV Options

It seems that most everyone has cable or satellite TV these days, but if you’re going with an antenna or watching programs on Hulu, you can definitely catch some great shows this summer. Gather around the entertainment center and check out what’s new.

Aquarius is set in 1967 Los Angeles and focuses on an LAPD detective who encounters Charles Manson. The Astronaut Wives Club is based on the titular book by Lily Koppel about the wives of the astronauts involved with Mercury Seven in the 1960s. Another literary-inspired show is Poldark, a PBS import that follows the adventures of a redcoat after the Revolutionary War. Or live vicariously through others on their first dates in CW’s new reality show Dates.

Other TV Shows for Entertainment Centers

With a full cable package and Netflix, the world is your oyster! Did someone say binge watching?

Netflix has a couple of good summer programs, including the third season of Orange Is the New Black. And, fans of The Walking Dead series will enjoy Fear the Walking Dead, a companion to the popular zombie favorite. If horror is more your speed, try MTV’s Scream, which is of course based on the many Kevin Williamson slasher flicks.

Just Add Popcorn

With the right entertainment centers and a big TV, summer viewing is even better. If you need the perfect backdrop for your favorite new or old TV shows, or you want to be ready for the fall lineup, contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry to build you just the best entertainment centers to showcase shows, movies, or even photos of your favorite family trip.