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Custom Kitchen Design | Picnicking Ideas


When you’re in the midst of a custom kitchen design remodel, your kitchen is going to be in time out during the installation. Of course, you still need to feed your family. And you need to capture that family time that is most often had during meals in your kitchen. So what can you do? Time to get creative! Here are some fun picnicking ideas that will keep your family connected and fed in the short term:

Bust Out The BBQ

When your kitchen is inaccessible because of your custom kitchen design transformation, it’s best to just stay out of the way while the work is being done. Thankfully, since Phoenix-area weather is perfect nearly all year, it’s always a great time for a BBQ. You can BBQ everything—even things you never considered. Take a camping stance when it comes to eating during your custom kitchen design installation. Breakfast burritos wrapped in foil and grilled, pancakes, bacon, and eggs are perfect for breakfast. For lunch or dinner, burgers, chicken, and steaks are always a good choice. Also consider BBQ pizza, casseroles or chili in a Dutch oven, and foil-wrapped goodies. Desserts and snacks can be as simple as s’mores or as exciting as grilled cake. Sit at the outside dining area or even eat in the pool!

Living Room Picnic

Who says you need to cook at all to have a nice at-home family dinner? Grab some bread, cold cuts, fruits, and veggies and enjoy a living room picnic. During your custom kitchen design remodel, you can put a blanket on the living room floor and eat a great meal in front of your favorite movie. Let the kids help with putting things together and see what they come up with. It’s pretty easy to find the fun with a variety of buffet items lined up for dinner.

Go Out To Eat

Here’s one last idea for while you’re waiting for your new custom kitchen design remodel to be completed: Why not go out for the evening? You can always “picnic” at a restaurant, get your favorite take out, or have an actual picnic at the park with disposable plates. The benefit: No dishes to clean!

If you’re ready for a new custom kitchen design, contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry. Our design team can help you create a beautiful new kitchen for your home. At Dwell, we believe that, no matter where you eat, life can always be a picnic! But especially so in your new custom kitchen design from Dwell Custom Cabinetry!