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Custom Closet Cabinetry | An Organized Shoe Collection

custom closet cabinetry

custom closet cabinetryCustom closet cabinetry isn’t just for your clothes, hanging your belts or storing your luggage. It can be made to organize shoes – and even show off your most fashionable pairs. Maybe you’ve been thinking you need to weed out the shoe collection. But every time you try, you find a good reason, or outfit for which to keep them. As a result, you have this heaping pile of shoes underneath your otherwise, beautifully kept wardrobe.

Dwell has more than a few good custom closet cabinetry solutions for you and your shoes. Imagine one (or more) of these ideas in your closet:

  • In the case you don’t want to see you shoe collection until you need it, think about all your pairs artfully hidden behind two doors. Then, accessible via a tiered pullout rack in the finish of your choice.
  • If your closet is a large walk-in, envision a long bench/settee with two shelves/racks/cabinet space underneath the seat designed to store your shoes.
  • Maybe your shoe collection contains such beautiful soles you must view them daily. Envision custom closet cabinetry with a glass front, or glass doors. The doors could be hinged or sliding. For added drama and a department-store look, lighted shelves add a glamorous element.
  • For a fun, whimsical style, a mix of shelf space and colorful glass-front, custom wood shoe boxes has appeal.
  • Your shoes could be kept neatly on shelved custom closet cabinetry behind sliding wood doors.
  • Shelving placed at angles where your shoes lay on an incline or decline can add an interesting design element to your closet.

Whether you want totally new custom closet cabinetry, or just an update to your existing wardrobe storage space, Dwell Custom Cabinetry can create a stylish and attractive space for your many, many shoes. Contact us at 480-595-0000 or here to get started!