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Custom Cabinets | A Butler’s Pantry

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Many newer homes feature big beautiful kitchens. But not every home has this kind of space. In fact, in some kitchens it can be difficult to find a place for everything to go, even when custom cabinets are put in to make the most out of a space. While many people think of pantries as small rooms or large closets that store extra canned goods or other food staples, another type of pantry to consider is a butler’s pantry. In contrast to a traditional pantry, a butler’s pantry is used for non-food items that don’t quite fit in the kitchen. Originally, these pantries were added in homes fancy enough to employ a butler. Things such as fine china and good silver might be stored in the room that was big enough for the butler to sleep in in order to prevent theft.

Where to Put a Butler’s Pantry

Even those who do not have a butler can make use of a butler’s pantry.  This pantry can be an entire room, or a large section of a room. For example, if your home technically has a formal dining room and an informal dining room, one of these rooms can be converted.  Even an unused or gently used office near the kitchen can double as a butler’s pantry. Some of the things in a butler’s pantry may include

  • Extra Dishes
  • Frequently Used Small Appliances
  • Extra Silverware
  • Napkins
  • Table cloths
  • Candles
  • Wine
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Sink

A Practical Pantry

While butlers were sent to protect the “good stuff” in the butler’s pantry, these pantries don’t need to have a butler, nor do they need to be formal. In fact, they can serve the exact opposite purpose. Some people may want to put custom cabinets in the pantry that are more accessible to children where un breakable dishes can be stored. It may even have a refrigerator where easy to grab snacks are kept. This can give kids the option of being more independent and stay out of the main traffic area of the kitchen.

It is also nice to have a separate area sanctioned if you are someone who entertains.  You don’t necessarily have to keep the same things in the pantry all of the time. It can be stocked casually for times when you are hosting a holiday for extended family, and more formal dishes when you are having a formal dinner party or gathering. At Dwell Custom Cabinetry, we can build custom cabinets for a butler’s pantry that is used for any purpose. Call us today, and let us design custom cabinets that make it easier for you to say, “Dinner is served!”