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Custom Bathroom Materials

custom bathroom

Has your home become a bit drab and you’re thinking of jazzing things up with a custom bathroom? Not sure where to start? In addition to our team’s work samples, there may be no better way to check out custom bathroom ideas than going through a model home. Model homes often include top-of-the-line materials for bathrooms, giving you a chance to take pictures and jot down some ideas. Other inspiring resources can be found online on sites like Pinterest. You can also get inspiration from viewing luxury celebrity homes in magazines and on TV.

At Dwell Custom Cabinetry our talented craftsmen have elevated the art of custom bathrooms. We’d love to meet with you to show you the many examples of amazing bathrooms we have completed that might give you ideas for your own. Décor helps pull a bathroom together but it all really comes down to the materials used to create the room.

If you’re thinking of a custom bathroom, you need to consider several key areas and which materials you want to use. For example, what type of wood do you want to use for the cabinetry? We offer a variety of woods including cheery, oak, and maple. Another big consideration is the counter material. Do you want to go with granite, Corian, or maybe concrete? Flooring is also a big decision. Wood, tile, other? Then there are the materials that really pull the custom bathroom together. Things like fixtures and paint. You’ll see there are a variety of fixtures to choose from, with a variety of finishes. Our team can also add elegant finishing touches like beam or mill work to create a custom bathroom that is really unique.

Choosing the right materials for your custom bathroom can make a big difference in its longevity. You want to choose quality materials to ensure your bathroom looks fantastic for many years to come. When you elevate an everyday bathroom to a custom bathroom, you’re investing in your home’s future value.

If you’re thinking about adding a custom bathroom to your home, give us a call. We have many creative and unique bathroom designes we can show you, from traditional to contemporary to beyond luxury. Our team uses our passion for custom cabinetry to help you create a bathroom that will rival those in any of the stars’ homes.