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Built in Bookshelves | Home Library

built in bookshelves

Many book lovers dream of having built in bookshelves in a cozy, quiet home library. If that’s you and you’re ready for a home library or your current home library is in need of a makeover, our experienced cabinet makers can help.

More than any other room in the home, a home library can be a very personal space. It’s a room that provides an opportunity for the mind to travel to near and far-off adventures. So it’s important for the room to be comfortable and relaxing. Whether your library houses a magazine collection, rare and antique books, or everything you ever wanted to read about sports, your library is your space and it’s important that you consider your interests when designing it.

Traditional home libraries can range from simple set ups with a desk, built in bookshelves and some accessories, to the ornate and unique. Whatever your style, our team can help you design a functional and comfortable room with elements like built in bookshelves, furniture, beams and millwork.

Accessories can say much about you and your personal interests. Globes of the world tend to be a library standard, as well as soft lighting, comfy couches and lots of pillows and throws. As you find items that fit your style, consider including them in your library.

If the traditional home library isn’t what you’re after, there are limitless ideas for great designs. The online idea site called Hative.com features some fun library ideas, including bookshelves in the shape of an old wooden boat, a baby grand piano, and various geometric shapes. There are some truly awe-inspiring private libraries featured online. While we all can’t have the grand library that George Lucas has, we can still have a beautiful spot with our own personal touch.

If you’re a bookworm and you’re looking to jazz up your home library with built in bookshelves or a custom-made desk, call us today. A home library is a portal to exciting places. We’ll help you make sure your furniture and shelving reflect your many library adventures.