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Bookshelves For Home Library | Adding Value

bookshelves for home library

Built-in bookshelves for home library can add value and style to any room in your home. Maybe you’re undecided about where to install them. Or, maybe you’re not sure of the design options available to your home. At Dwell Custom Cabinetry, we can help you find the perfect place.

Here are some ideas for bookworms with impressive collections:

  • Consider a wall-shelving unit from floor-to-ceiling that can contain all your books. Alongside your books, it can serve as a display space for family photos or keepsakes.
  • A floor-to-ceiling built-in unit makes an impressive look when you have high ceilings.
  • If you have a large window with wall space around it, you can use shelving and your many books as a decorative accent that frames your window.
  • A long hallway wall with built-in bookshelves is another way to manage your large personal library.
  • Imagine a book case/tower as a room divider.

If you have limited living space, here are alternatives to some bookshelves for home library:

  • Furniture pieces that can also serve as a mini-bookcase – Coffee tables with shelving underneath, wood footrests (with hollow middles), headboards made of shelving, end tables and nightstands. Our craftsmen can build you a custom piece to meet your needs.
  • Built-in shelves attached to your fireplace mantle, along the sides or under your staircase are also viable options.
  • Consider using an accent wall for a more compact book showcase and unique visual interest.
  • If you don’t watch much television, try a built-in bookcase the size of your TV that floats above your stereo system.
  • Building a bookcase around a door frame creates a “hidden door” affect.

Here are design concepts for more bookshelves for home library options:

  • For more visual impact, have one or alternating shelves/shelf wall painted a bold color.
  • Consider mismatched shelf sizes/units for an eclectic look.
  • Add atmospheric lighting to the inside tops of the taller/tallest shelves.
  • A bookcase with adjustable shelves offers the option for storing tall books – like children’s books.

We hope these bookshelves for home library ideas inspire you. Our design pros at Dwell Custom Cabinetry can help you create the built-in book showcase that is perfect for your home. Contact us today!