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Bathroom Upgrade

bathroom upgrade

If you have a bathroom that is more than 10 years old, it may be time for a bathroom upgrade. How would you know? Well, you would probably see evidence if your wood cabinets are banged up or made with materials that you would never see in a current home magazine. Or, maybe your countertops are made from prefab fiberglass or you have a bathtub/shower combo. While all of these elements are still certainly functional, they just don’t do the trick when it comes to the current bathroom upgrade trends.

With that in mind, if you’ve decided that you are ready for that bathroom upgrade in your home, it’s time to start getting creative. So, if the sky is the limit, what kind of design elements do you want in your new bathroom? To get your imaginative juices flowing, we have created a list of some of the most sought-after bathroom upgrade features that you may want to add to your new bathroom. Here you go:

  1. Furniture-inspired vanities. Your vanity is the main focal point of your bathroom. You can go traditional or contemporary, but choosing a beautifully crafted wooden, dresser-style vanity will set the tone for the entire look of your bathroom upgrade. Depending on space, you can go with a single piece with one or two sinks, or you can build in his and her vanities to give you both the space you desire. Our Dwell craftsman can design any look that meets your specific taste and style.
  2. Customized storage. Think about all of your bathroom needs and accessories. From towels and toiletries to bathrobes and brushes, they all can have their own designated location. This can include drawers, laundry hampers, and linen closets to help minimize clutter.
  3. Electrical outlets. You’ve got to have enough to plug in your Sonicare, your razor, and your blow dryer, that’s for sure. But where you plug in can be as interesting and out of the way as you can imagine. Why deal with cords everywhere when they can be uniquely hidden within your cabinet area?
  4. Oversized showers. Bathtubs are still nice, but one of the latest trends is to ditch the tub and opt for a super-sized, walk-in shower. You can add multiple showerheads, natural materials, and state-of-the-art technology to make showertime a welcome part of your wake-up or wind-down routine.
  5. Radiant heated floors. This may not be a huge issue in Arizona this time of year, but we do get our cold snaps here in the winter. Heated floors can be a nice option when the temperature dips below 40 degrees.

As you can see, it just takes a bit of imagination and some organization to create the ultimate bathroom upgrade. Skim through the latest home magazines and/or browse Pinterest to get some ideas. Then, give us a call at Dwell with your wish list. We can help take your bathroom from 20th to 21st century in no time at all!