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Bathroom Cabinet Remodel Creates a Spa Retreat

bathroom cabinet remodel

We all know that one of the best things about going on luxury vacation is the amazing bathroom in your hotel room. Well-appointed fixtures, ample storage, and peaceful colors provide the perfect ambiance for relaxation. Whether surrounded by bubbles in a jetted tub or finding our Zen under multiple heads in the shower, these spa bathrooms are what keep us in our hotel rooms longer in the mornings and/or in the evenings. But, who says that you only get to experience such opulence while on holiday? With the right bathroom cabinet remodel and a few decorating touches, you can bring this look and feel to your very own home.

Plan for the Size You Have

A bathroom cabinet remodel can be an investment, but it is one of the few home costs that nearly always turns into more money in your pocket if you ever decide to sell. But why wait until then to have the bathroom of your dreams? A bathroom cabinet remodel is worth it so you can enjoy it now. Then, if you do decide to sell later, you will certainly reap the benefits from your investment as a remodeled bathroom will be most attractive to any potential buyer.

When contemplating a remodel, look at the size of your bathroom. Is it large enough as is and just needs some updates? Or are you ready to make your retreat a bit larger by borrowing from a nearby room? With a well-orchestrated bathroom cabinet remodel, you’ll have more than enough storage space, so perhaps the nearby linen closet can become a new part of the bathroom.

Ah, the Amenities…

The stain and design of your bathroom cabinet remodel will define the feel of the bathroom itself. Will you choose silver, brass, or copper fixtures? White walls or a vibrant color? Do you want separate areas in the bathroom for bathing, showering, vanity, and commode? There are definitely a lot of considerations when it comes to amenities! But this is where the bathroom cabinet remodel will come to life. It’s the little touches that transform a typical bathroom into a spa-like retreat.

Get Started on Your Bathroom Cabinet Remodel

If you’ve been wanting to update your bathroom, there’s no better time than the present. Give your home that resort feel that will make staycations a real treat. Contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry to get started. Our design team is ready for you!