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Barn Doors for Sale | Rustic Chic

residential barn doors

Next time you see barn doors for sale, you may want to consider buying them. A hot trend in home décor is the addition of interior barn doors. While you may think barn doors might be too rustic for your home’s décor, that’s probably not the case. Pinterest is the perfect place to take a look at how homeowners are using interior barn doors. The variety of uses may surprise you.

There are many approaches to adding interior barn doors to your home but there are two key types:

  1. Original, reclaimed barn doors or panels are from actual barns. These authentic doors and panels have a charm that comes from years of weathering the elements. As you will see when looking at barn doors for sale, the door sizes and wood used can vary. Common woods include Pine, Redwood and Douglas Fir. Whatever the wood, we can create the perfect door or refurbish a door into a modern version of itself.
  2. The second most popular interior barn doors are custom made. Our team of designers can help you craft the perfect barn doors for your home. They can be painted to complement your decor and still have the charm and class that the nostalgia of barn doors brings. New doors can be made from virtually any type of wood. Top types include Maple, Oak, Cherry and Alder. We can also add high-quality hinges and hardware to the barn doors. Distressed hinges can help add a little more of that refurbished look. But still keep it elegant.

Barn doors can be used for almost any entryway in your home.  Popular applications include dens, closets, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

So if you come across barn doors for sale, give them a look. Or, you can pay us a visit at Dwell Custom Cabinetry. Our team can help you bring to life even the most weathered of doors. And of course we can create new, custom barn doors that will enhance the beauty of your home. Either way you choose to create your interior barn doors, you’ll be adding a touch of Americana and flair to your home decor.