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Arizona Barn Doors Add Privacy

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Whether your home is 1,000 square feet or more than 10,000, it’s your space in which you seek privacy and sanctuary. But how can you do that, especially with significant others, children, and pets running around? One option is to add Arizona barn doors. These simple and attractive room separators add form to function. They can create cozy nooks or separate large rooms, leading to the perfect getaway you’ve been seeking.

Arizona Barn Doors: Simple Sophistication

Arizona barn doors are more than just standard doors on hinges. They make a statement. When you add a barn door to an entryway, you need the wall space to pull it aside to open it. And that means it takes center stage when it’s open. While a standard door practically disappears when it’s open, Arizona barn doors are decorative. Choose your favorite wood and either stain or paint it so you have a fashion accessory in your room. You could even cut out a window in the door to create more interest. And what about decorations? Why not? Dried flowers, ribbons, and fabric can make your barn door a one-of-a-kind.

Create a Private Getaway

Have you considered using Arizona barn doors as a room divider? Yep, rather than a door on a hinge, two or more barn doors can be connected to stand together in a room to create a partition. This is a perfect way to break up an open floor plan by separating an office area, sleeping quarters, bathroom, or dressing room. In a smaller home, use the Arizona barn doors to build a private area to read a book by yourself. Perhaps you’ll just add a touch of drama to a room with a beautiful barn door display. No matter your choice, Arizona barn doors fit perfectly into any décor.

Ready, Set, Choose Your Door!

If you’re ready to make a change and add a little interest to your home, contact Dwell Custom Cabinetry to get started. We’ll create the perfect Arizona barn doors for your home, regardless whether it’s big or small.